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Mindfulness for good parenting

Mindfulness is a mental training practice that teaches you to balance the daily activity. The  combination of mediation and mindfulness can be defined as a mental state that involves a deep focus and concentration. Practically for example, mindfulness meditation involves deep breathing and awareness of the body and mind. Practising mindfulness needs no extra props or arrangements, just start with a comfortable place and free time and free mind set. 


Mindfulness helps in parenting  

Mindful parenting is to apply mindfulness to parenting by paying attention to the child and parenting consciously, presently and non- judgemental. In general, parents coming to home after their work with tired and exhausted children soon shows transtrum, as a reaction parents scold their child for being so naughty and dominating. A mindful parent will recognize that their negative emotion can negatively affect the child’s emotion. 

Mindfulness is a skill that can be developed through practice. Meditation is the most common practice of mindfulness. It can be achieved by focusing on any kind of activity such as art and craft, painting, playing or listening to music. Any person who does consistent practice can be more mindful. Mindfulness and meditation are closely related, and sometimes they are interchangeable. In recent years it has become more popular. Apart from that, scientific research is also supporting the benefits of meditation. 

The positive benefits of being mindful is that meditation increases mental health stability. For you, being mindful means being present with the child as well as giving the full attention. However, mediation takes time, and today’s parents do not have much time to begin this practice.   


There is no end to parenting because it’s a life long process yet, most of the parents focus on the key results or the lack of knowledge. It is a beautiful experience for the parents to observe their child’s growth. But if the parents only focus on the outcome. They shall miss the wonderful journey of their child as they age with you.


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