Parental Counselling

What is it?

Parent counselling is a service that aims to provide parents with the tools, guidance, knowledge, and support they need in an unbiased and healthy way, without worrying about their judgment. Through parental counselling, parents are better prepared to take care of their families, especially their children.

Institute of Neurodevelopment (Kolkata) is not focused on helping you or your child “change”. Instead, we try to understand what has worked so far and how it can be leveraged to move forward. This process is about discovering your strengths as a parent and building strong relationships within your family. We believe in helping you get closer to the family you’ve always wanted to be! We listen to your problems and help you open the door to us. In return, we will share fresh perspectives, new ideas and suggestions on how to implement new parenting strategies.

Who needs parental counselling?

Parental counselling is recommended for all parents, but is more necessary for anyone facing any of the following issues:

  • Unable to deal with children who refuse to follow instructions.
  • You cannot effectively connect or communicate with your child.
  • A sense of “power struggle” with your child.
  • Difficulty in performing routines for your family.
  • Strategies for controlling your child’s behaviour is not working effectively.
  • Address the teenage problems your child is facing.

What are the results of parental counselling?

One or both parents can participate in parental counselling together. It can produce very good results such as:

  1. A fair view of the problems you are facing in your family and how to deal with them.
  2. Increase confidence in parenting skills and strategies.
  3. How to better understand your child’s emotions and needs?
  4. A better relationship with your spouse or extended family.
  5. A kind, positive approach to tackling family problems without blame or preaching.
  6. The goal is to be more confident about parenting.
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