About Us

  • The organisation has been founded by Dr. Diptanshu Das in 2020.
  • Field-tested best practices to ensure faster results. Recognition: ‘Iconic Healthcare Leader Award – Paediatric Neurologist and Neurodevelopmental specialist’ (Asia GCC Awards 2021).
  • Under the leadership of the ‘Most Admired Paediatric Neurologist in Kolkata’ (India’s Most Prominent Healthcare and Dental Awards 2020)
  • Individulised tailor-made programs for each child to ensure proper development.
  • IND’s data-driven and evidence-based approach guarantee a quantifiable contrast in results.

What we do?

We are aimed at serving the kids and parents with/without psychological problems, value add-ons for pre-schools, schools and adults.

Our Mission

We are out to create awareness, remove taboo surrounding topics of neurodevelopment in society at large and among individual parents. We are here to create an ecosystem in a win-win-win model where our future generation wins from our services, their parents win by being better in their management and confident in society, our traditional school system by associating with us and extending their services / value beyond the traditional education and participate in the over all behavioural well being of their students.

Our Values

  1. Mental peace for parents of problem children
  2. Mental peace for parents of non-neurotypical children.
  3. Self Sufficient kids who are able to handle day to day life, tasks.
  4. Mentally Healthy adults and kids in society.

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