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Parents’Awareness and Orientation Program

Family Awareness Program

Children with ASD generally experience different developments from their children and require professional services to optimize their development.
One of the major contributors to a child’s development is the family environment in which the child lives and develops. In some places, parents of children with ASD are not yet aware of and understand the developmental status of their children, which is likely to lead to ASD, and parents cannot provide the best service according to their child’s needs.
Intervention programs are the first step in providing the best service to children, as delays in intervention will affect future developmental progress in children.

This program has two purposes.

  • To develop a family awareness intervention program that is based on the needs of children and parents.
  • Explain the implementation of intervention programs conducted by the family to determine if the parent can properly implement the prepared program.
The program includes aspects of building knowledge, acceptance, and skills for family intervention in the child’s condition. The implementation of the program shows that through the program implemented, families can know and understand the various symptoms of autism in their children and provide interventions that suit their children’s needs.
We aim to support families by empowering them from diagnosis to school and helping them promote their children’s social communication and behavior in the natural environment. It also helps parents establish best practices to support their children at an early age.
It will help you understand autism in your child. Find ways to immerse yourself in your child’s world, connect, interact and develop communication. And get a better understanding of your child’s behavior and how you can use structures to support them.
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