Parents’Awareness and Orientation Program

What you’ll learn?

  • You will learn about the autism spectrum and what it means to be autistic
  • You will learn about various therapeutic treatments and methods to help teach someone with autism how to better communicate and relate to the world
  • You will understand how to deal with a child’s tantrums and emotional outbursts in an effective and caring way, so that the child might learn how to express themselves in a calmer and collected fashion
  • You will learn how to effectively express emotion and show autistic children that they are loved – without sending them into sensory overload
  • You will learn about all the various educational programs and schools that can help an autistic child or autistic person learn to function at their highest level in society
  • You will learn how to find clinical psychologist, and speech therapist
  • You will learn how to recognize the symptoms of autism
  • You will learn how to establish links with communication between yourself and someone with autism

Different Programs run by us:

  1. 3 Days general orientation program
  2. Specific ASD and ADHD Parents Training with Material by our staff
  3. Language and Communication sessions with your children
  4. Behaviour Management of your children as well as how to handle and execute the home tasks given to your child to make it as their habit and replace their existing behaviour.
  5. Functional tests/assessment is conducted to evaluate the functional management.
  6. 8 Days intensive Parents’ training program for parents with ASD and ADHD child.
  7. 10 days intensive training for Parents’ with Cerebral Palsy Child.

Minimum Requirements

  • Some basic knowledge of autism and the autistic spectrum would be helpful, but is not an absolute necessity when registering for this course. 
  • Some basic knowledge of developmental disabilities
  • A working knowledge of emotional disabilities
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