Behaviour Management


  1. Respect Ourselves (kids to respect themselves) – I am organised. I want others to be proud of me. I act safely.
  2. Respect Others – I treat people with kindness. I go out of my way to help people. I keep my hands and feet to myself.
  3. Respect Property – I keep my belongings neat and tidy. I look after school resources.
  4. Respect Learning – I am motivated. I engage in my class. I complete quality work.

Overview of Procedures

We train your child about

  1. What choice did you make that was inappropiate?
  2. What could you have done?
  3. What will happen if you continue?

We train you (Parents’) about

  1. How to repeat the learnings that your kid has learned from our special educators.
  2. We give you homework, and you share the tasks via video recordings and special homework sheets that our special educators and physical/ occupational therapists have taught you.
  3. Parents, training and alignment cum awareness program. For more details refer to the dedicated training for parents’ page in our website.
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