Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale (VABS)


Description of Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale and its
function in ASD.

The Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale is a standardised assessment that utilises semi-structured interview to measure adaptive behaviour and support the diagnosis of intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Autism, and Developmental delay.

  • This test is conducted only in offline mode.
  • There is no such particular preparation/condition required for this test.
  • Time duration of the test depends on 
  • Age of the Patient
  • Past record of the Patient
  • On an average 1.5 hrs is required for assessment.
  • Minimum 10 days is required to generate the report.
  • Delivery of report is both available in online and offline mode.
  • Report format is provided in PDF format for online collection.
  • Online reports would be shared through Email and WhatsApp.


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