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Impact of Technology on Neurodevelopment


The technological boom means that childrens are becoming computer experts at a very young age. Elementary school kids have classes on computer and many of them have been using their computer and tablets at home before they started school.Now a days many homes have multiple technology devices such as television, computer, mobile. Children could access any of it for multiple hours.  

Advantages of using technology

While there are some negative impact related to technology, there are some positive impact as well.There are many educational and informative elements of technology that can help the children to develop knowledge. Childrens are exposed to the television programming and application of smart phone. This kind of activity helps to develop your mind and teach new things.

In the field of academics many institutions have adapted classroom tools which are in demand in today’s lifestyle. Moreover this advanced learning would create a positive impact on their children’s career.

Technology often presents your child with problems and helps to learn how to make decisions and solve those problems accurately. It also develops proper motor skills while playing video games your child’s hand and eye coordination shows a prominent balance and cooperation with each other to win the game. 


Risk of using technology for Children

Research has shown that the average 8-10 years old spends average 8 hours per day with a variety of media and the elder teenager spends an average of 11 hours per day with media. However they are spending more time with technology than they do in school, this time could be utilised in an effective manner. 

Some teenagers stay up till midnight and spend hours in video games, and text messages. This kind of practice gets more intense over time and develops attention deficiency and social skills in the mind of the kids.Teachers, parents and students themselves find that technology can have a direct impact on attention spans. Technology moves fast, instant response and instant gratification are impacting the attention span of young children and teenagers. 

Depression is the key issue that is correlated with more media use. This has increased the sucide rates and leads to mental health issues. Teens are using social media to bully the kids without physically facing them. This kind of malpractice affects the mental health of the children and isolates them from the society in which they are a part.

How Technology create an adverse effect on the neuro development 

Digital technologies have the potential to greatly advance research and clinical care in various ways, including as a means of delivering treatments. These tools are particularly advantageous when it comes to addressing Central Nervous System CNS disorders, as traditional methods of diagnosis and analysis, such as brain tissue sampling or blood tests, are not feasible for most CNS conditions. Additionally, CNS disorders are complex and involve multiple dimensions, making digital technologies an attractive option for measuring and intervening in areas such as sleep, cognition, and social interaction. Moreover, the use of smartphones and social media can provide a natural setting for measuring and addressing brain-based disorders, as these activities require executive function and cognitive control. For some CNS disorders, interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy can be effectively delivered via digital technology, which further highlights the potential benefits of these tools in the field of healthcare.


Advice for the caregiver and parents use technology in a healthy and balanced way 

Parents and caregivers can help their child to get the benefits of the technology with less of the negative effect. They should offer a limited time for using technology as a purpose of entertainment to them. You should utilise some quality of time with your child and family this would create a good bonding and relation with your child. Always try to make face to face contact with your child.Being a parents you should adapt all the appropriate boundaries including time limits and good models for smartphone use. Moreover, the cybersecurity software and system prominently helps to ensure the kids safety while using the technology. Parents and teachers can also participate in a quality app that promotes vocabulary, literature and maths. Parents can also ensure their kids’ computer science learning and opportunities for their future.  


Digital technologies offer a great potential to improve clinical care for people affected by central nervous system disorders, enhance our knowledge of the science behind these disorders, and expedite the development of treatments. The widespread availability of devices like smartphones, wearables, and social media has created opportunities to observe behaviours in naturalistic settings outside research labs and clinics. However, it’s essential to ensure that these technologies undergo rigorous data analysis, adhere to user-centered design principles, and avoid overhyped claims. The same concerns apply to other fast-evolving digital technologies, such as AI-driven bots and virtual/augmented reality. As the field continues to advance, collaboration among all stakeholders, including patients and clinicians, is crucial to ensure that these technologies genuinely improve health outcomes.

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