Functional Assessment

What is it?

Assessment(s) that identifies challenging behaviours, assumes their function, and guides the development of treatment plans. Children with ASD often exhibit behavioural problems, from aggression and explosions to sometimes self-harm such as head banging. As a parent of a child with ASD, you may be familiar with these behaviours.

All feature evaluations are performed for the same purpose, regardless of the method used. The ultimate goal of these assesmments are to identify “behavioural functions” (that is, reasons) and to develop a plan to teach appropriate alternative behaviour.


  1. Frequency of a behaviour is observed, recorded.
  2. Triggers that start a chain of behavioural events are recorded.
  3. The thought process of the child is interviewed and assessed.
  4. The combined effect of the thought and the trigger is then assessed by us.
  5. Parents are given counselling and informed about the findings.
  6. If-Then planning and future course of action is laid down before the parents.
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