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Delayed development can affect a child’s overall and fine motor skills. The goal of physiotherapy is to collect information from parents, clinicians, and other interdisciplinary team members. The role of the physiotherapist is in children with autism who have physical movement disorders (respiratory control and coordination level problems, posture improvement, musculoskeletal deformation including chest wall deformation, foot and ankle deformation problems, etc.) to take care of it.

Neurological Physiotherapy is a specialist area of physiotherapy focused on the treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. Neurological disorders affect the functioning of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Spinal Cord Injury and Parkinson’s are common neurological conditions . It also includes conditions of the peripheral nervous system such as Guillain Barre Syndrome. Neurological conditions can have a devastating impact on the lives of the sufferers, along with family and friends. Disturbances in the travelling of messages between the brain and the body can result in the loss of movement, sensation, coordination, and balance. Other aspects of bodily function, such as perception, speech, memory, cognition, and behaviour may also be affected.

Service we offer :

1. Center based physiotherapy for adults & children. 

2. Home based physiotherapy for adults & child.

Areas are

Garia, Tollygunge, Barasat, Dunlop, Dumdum, Baruipur, Park circus, behala, Howrah, khidirpur, Barrackpur, Chinarpark, Newtown, Beleghata, Chingrighata, Saltlake, Bidhannagar.


Evaluation and treatment can usually be done in a variety of situations (eg home, day care center, community center, clinic, hospital, rehabilitation center, fitness center, etc.). Fractured leg and necessary rehabilitation treatment. However, the physiotherapist should take the diagnosis of autism into consideration when designing the treatment session. This is because many physiotherapy sessions are inherently highly structured. Teaching them to feel comfortable and competent in their body is an essential part of treatment

Characteristics of children with ASD with movement disorders

Children with ASD may have awkward motor skills and movements. Many of these coordination problems, combined with communication, social skills, and behavioral problems, can lead to more complex learning disabilities in later development, such as playground and sports skills.

Exercise-based physiotherapy treatments include age-appropriate physical and motor skills such as jumping, clapping, skipping, hopping and throwing, kicking, and catching the ball. Hydrotherapy for children with ASD

With regard to the development of motor skills, physiotherapists argued that swimming instruction methods for children with ASD could lead to faster acquisition of these skills. Some studies argue that hydrotherapy may be a beneficial form of exercise for children with autism. In addition, exercise-based physiotherapy can bring significant benefits to children with autism. Following a mishap that outcomes in broken bones or muscular wounds or medical procedure for spinal wounds or different circumstances, a youngster might require non-intrusive treatment to re-establish full capacities.

Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapists are uncommonly prepared to give evaluation and mediation to kids and grown-ups with neurological circumstances.

The Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist works with the client and family to upgrade portability, coordination, strength, balance, postural control, sensorimotor handling, gross coordinated abilities, engine arranging, task execution and cooperation in significant everyday exercises. Kids with a neurological condition benefit from Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT).

Advantages of physiotherapy:

  1. Expanded certainty, mindfulness and interest
  2. Remediation of a utilitarian issue that can have a long lasting social, scholastic, sporting and professional effect on a kid.
  3. Expanded certainty, mindfulness, autonomy and interest
  4. Individualized treatment programs gave through direct guidance to babies, kids, grown-ups and their families
  1. Exhaustive appraisals uncovering an examination of qualities, shortcomings and objectives to accomplish significant cooperation in their everyday exercises
  2. Conference with childcare, study hall and asset instructors if fundamental Decline hazard of falls in grown-up or older clients
  3. Expanded versatility and scope of movement in
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